Support for MSF fight against ebola

©Barry Sandland/TIMB - MSF bike ride in support of MSF fight against ebola

©Barry Sandland/TIMB – There were four of us who did the bike ride from Brussels in support of MSF action in the fight against ebola.

Yesterday was a ride in support for MSF and their action fighting ebola.

A late December ride was never going to attract a massive peloton, and four of us headed out for the 40km ride. We arrived, wet, a little cold to a larger gathering where various events concluded. MSF has been a leading actor and key voice in the ebola fight. The organisation has refused government money, demanding commitment of staff, facilities and equipment – not cash. MSF can act so quickly because of the trust they have developed over the decades. People donate money for MSF to act, not simply for a single event. This absence of ear-marked funds, or constant crisis fundraising, leaves the humanitarian NGO free to act instantly in emergencies. In Belgium, look to

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Photographer’s notes: There is something brilliant about group fun rides. Always a disparity in the range of riders, the pressure is off to keep a pace and you fall back into conversation, jokes, spending time. By the time we were at the end, we were well wet, a little cold, and the fireplace at the athletic building at the end was wonderful. A chance to dry clothes enough for the journey home. Cycling, more than running, allows this. A chance to ride alongside, coast, refresh and talk. Or, when a little toasted, a  wheel to slip onto and have someone else do the hard work.


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