Keeping my zen

©Barry Sandland/TIMB - Electric bike at night

©Barry Sandland/TIMB – Electric bikes are getting better every year. Faster, more stylish. And they make an ideal wheel to follow for an easier ride in their slipstream.

About riding her electric bike: “If I want to go to work, it is 40k. So, 40k up and 40k down. It would take a lot of time if I were to ride. I would be like a pro. I just want to enjoy my bike and get rid of the traffic jams, and so it keeps me zen.”

Photographer’s notes: This Flyer is one of the faster models from a Dutch electric bike manufacturer and gets up to 40 km an hour, making the one way, 40k trip a fast event, if bike traffic allows. It was a delight to find this one at one of the traffic lights on the canal. I had a solid wheel to shelter behind until the next light, where I stopped her for the photo. And the bike gets some use. One year in and it has 6,000 km on the meter.



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