We want to be famous…

©Barry Sandland - Two cyclists transporting wood

©Barry Sandland/TIMB – A good bike does not always have to be ridden.

About permission for the photo …
“Sure. I want to be famous. We want to be famous.”
“He wants to be famous.”


About the wood “We are building a table” See this image on FACEBOOK at https://www.facebook.com/thisismybike/photos/a.1003091743053197.1073741830.985984188097286/1003126956383009/?type=1&theater

PHOTOGRAPHER NOTES: I chuckled when I saw these two carrying their load of wood with their two bikes. The vintage with the foldable and both serving an alterior purpose. The wood will create a massive table for their apartment. Long enough to feed the proverbial hordes. It reminded me of university days and just doing what was necessary to achieve what was needed.


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